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Whether you’ve been a boater your entire life or are just learning the ropes, leave the navigation systems to us – we’ve been in the industry for more than a half century! With our experience, we’ll be able to provide exactly the equipment your ocean-faring vessel needs to safely and efficiently navigate international waters.

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Our goal is to provide total quality customer service. Whether your destination is here, there or anywhere, we’re pleased that you’ve chosen us as your partner to get there. Don’t know what you’re looking for? Our expert consultants can build a solution for every vessel.

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Antennas, Auto Direction Finders, Auto Pilots, Chart Plotters, GPS & Navigation, Instruments, NavNet, Radar, Weatherfax...

Everything you need to navigate the globe!

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Depth Sounders & Fish Finders, Radios, Stereos, Satellite Communications, Internet and TV

The most important part of Boating is to ENJOY it!

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CME provides Factory Authorized Installation & Service. Our factory trained technicians are here for you to install your electronics the way they should be and to solve any problems you might have later.

National Marine Electronics Association Dealer

Did you know there has been a disagreement between nations as to what constitutes a nautical mile? The nautical mile was standardized in 1929 at 6076 feet. The United States adopted this in 1954. Nautical miles vary from land miles, which is based on walking distance. Land miles were originally defined by the Romans which were 1000 paces. Land miles were set at 5890 feet by Queen Elizabeth in 1593.

Did you know?

In 1578, a newly invented device called a “chip log” was used to detect speed at sea. A chip log is a device that counted the revolution of a wheel mounted below the waterline of a ship. Prior to this advancement, history recollects no device for measuring speed other than judging the size of a bow wave or passage of sea foam. Nowadays, an integrated bridge system, or autopilot, uses a myriad of sensors throughout the ship and the ship’s geographic location to maintain a pre-established journey.

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We have a half century’s worth of experience in the marine electronics industry! No matter your vessel type, usage or destination, our experienced consultants are able to design a custom solution to fit your ship’s needs.


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